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A Gopro é um fabricante de carregadores para veículos eléctricos?

Yes, GoPro is a leading green technology manufacturer who design, development and manufacture of electric vehicle charging station.
As EV charging station dealership, EV charger suppliers, EV charging companies with almost 30 years experience.

Que tipos de carregadores para automóveis eléctricos fabricamos?

We provide electric vehicle charging solutions for commercial parking, workplace EV charging, auto dealerships, apartments, retails, utilities, education, hotels, hospitals, and government facilities, and EV fleet charging solutions.

We manufacture different types of EV charging stations. Whether it is an AC EV charger wallbox for home use, or a DC fast EV charging station business, or high power EV charging station with split system, so you’ll be able to find the perfect charging stations for your needs in GoPro.

Which countries our EV chargers have exported to?

Our commercial EV charging station have been exported and verified by customers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, such as UK, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Australia, Turkey and Malaysia,ect.

How can we guarantee quality?

  • Better Consistency by Independently Developed:

Self-developed and patented charging control system, ensure hardware and software system consistency, reduce operation & maintenance expenses.

  • Quality Assurance by Strict Quality Control Process:

Simulate real rain, wind and high temperature charging conditions to ensure that the device can be used normally in bad weather outdoors.

What makes our EV chargers unique?

  • Mais estável e fiável
Para melhor lidar com os desafios do mercado e satisfazer várias necessidades de personalização, temos a nossa própria equipa de I&D de hardware e software para desenvolver de forma independente os nossos componentes e sistemas chave.

 Custos de operação e manutenção mais baixos
 Com o nosso sistema de controlo de carregamento patenteado, asseguramos a consistência do sistema entre o hardware e o software, o que proporciona um desempenho mais estável, uma melhor integração do equipamento e uma maior escalabilidade para diferentes soluções de expansão. Entretanto, uma melhor estabilidade do sistema facilita a gestão do equipamento e a aquisição de dados, reduzindo os custos de operação e manutenção

Do you provide customization service?

With years of experience in independent R&D, we provide better equipment integration and expansion solutions to better meet various customization needs

We provide various customized services, such as:

  • Customizing appearance design
  • Providing optimal power solution
  • Hardware and software can be upgraded to different standards

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