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The Sustainable Future of Energy and Mobility

Lead the way, store energy efficiently and provide impetus for a sustainable future!

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storage system solution

  • GP-ESS.M51.2-10.2kWh

    Safe and reliable

    Flexible configuration


    Environmentally friendly

  • GP-ESS-M51.2-5.12kW

    3-10 Module Stacking

    153.6-512V High Power

  • GP-ESS-M2688-134kWh

    Intelligent Cooling & Heating

    CTP technology

    Ultra-thin The World's Thinnest Inverter body


    • 1 hora de carregamento = Até 600 km (375 milhas)
    •  🚀Potência máxima de carregamento = 100 KW por conetor

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